Thomas M Tajiri - WWII Relocation Record

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Oct 30, 2014 - This internee or POW record page for Thomas M Tajiri is just one of 103,014 for Japanese Americans evacuated from the states of Washington, Oregon, and California to ten relocation centers operated by the War Relocation Authority during World War II. Sources of our data are government and public collections and files. We have chosen to display most of the historical information that has been de-classified or otherwise released to the public.
+ Personnel File Core Info:
Thomas M Tajiri
Birth Year
Birth PLace
Pacific States - California
Colorado River ( Poston, Parker )
Assembly Center
Santa Anita
San Diego, California
State Region
Pacific States - California
From County
San Diego County ( population 25,000 - 999,999 )
English Speak, Write, Read
Alien Reg. Number
Has Neither A.R. nor S.S. Number and Has Not Attended Japanese Language School
Birth Place Father
Birth Place Mother
Father's Occ. in U.S.
Managerial & Official ( Except Farm )
Father's Occ. Abroad
Years School Japan
No Degree
Highest Grade
High School 2 in U.S.
Time in Japan
Times in Japan
None - Attending School
Age in Japan
Never in Japan
Military Service
Male Single
Individual - Japanese ; No Spouse
Skilled Pressmen and Plate Printers, Printing
Semiprofessional Occupations, N.E.C.
File Number
215569 21101
Abstract for Thomas Tajiri - Brief overview of relocation incident file
1892 / F - Widowed
1923 / M - Single
1926 / M - Single
1926 / M - Single

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